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Appointing a Manning Agency

In order for a Manning Agency to deploy Filipino crew, vessel should be accredited under the Manning Agency in POEA.
Once the Principal agrees to Manning Agent’s proposal, the Manning agreement & a Special Power of Attorney must be signed between the Principal and the Manning Agent. These documents, along with an Accreditation letter, Principal’s business license or registration certificate, proof of existence of the company and vessel’s registry, must be submitted by the Manning Agent to POEA for vessel’s accreditation. Once POEA evaluates the documentation, a provisionary certificate of Accreditation -valid for 3 months- will be issued, enabling Manning Agent to deploy seafarers to the vessel. This procedure takes at least 6 working days and a ‘no objection letter’ is required to be submitted by the vessel’s current Manning Agent.
After the expiration of this period, a similar set of documents along with supporting documents proving the “Good standing of the Company” must be submitted to Philippine Embassy of Principal’s country for authentication.  Upon documents collection from Philippine Embassy, the new Manning Agent submit to POEA the vessel’s permanent authentication which is renewable every 2 years.

Complete list of required documents for vessel’s permanent accreditation

1.Manning agreement  - stamped and signed in all pages (3 copies)
2.Special power of attorney – stamped and signed and then it must be certified ‘true signature’ by an attorney –at-law
3.Accreditation letter – stamped and signed
4.Certificate from ministry of Merchant Marine stating  the Legal representative of company with English translation, authenticated by company's attorney at law  .  Three certified true copies 
5.Crew management agreement . Three certified true copies   
6.Copy of passport or identity card of the legal representative of managing company with his signature aside, authenticated by company's attorney – at -law. 
7.Vessel’s registry - true copy. 
8.P&i insurance of the vessel ( confirmation) - true copy.
9.Government gazette (FEK) with English translation authenticated by company's Attorney –at-law .

Crew Selection, Medical Examination, Documents’ preparation

With utmost concern, the selection and hiring of the seafarers are carried out  by the Manning Agent  and an application form with each seaman’s full particulars and ex-services is being sent to the Principal for his consideration.   Once the seafarer meets Principal’s expectations and is approved, medical examination is taking place by an  accredited medical clinic and according to the vessel’s P&I club requirements. Provided medical is clear and seaman is announced ‘fit to work’ , we start the preparation procedure such as seafarer’s vessel flag documentation, in house training where the seafarer is being familiarized with the Principal’s ISM Policy.

VISA, Ticketing

The Manning Agency will communicate with the Principal and vessel’s port Agent  to send visa invitation letters (if joining is in a country where entry visa is required, and furthermore air tickets.  Once visas –if required- are issued and the tickets are received, the Manning Agency will deploy the seafarers in order to be ready for departure.





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