About Us

C.M.I. is a manning agency established
in the shipping market since 1991.

Through our years of experience we have managed to develop a quality driven philosophy, focused on both our customers’ and our human resources’ needs. Our goal as an organization is to provide satisfactory services in the most cost effective way and in the best time possible.



  • Our team is made up of qualified personnel who have the right expertise combined with years of experience and who serve our customers in the best possible ways
  • High standards of in-house training approved by B.V.Q.I. since 1996 (STCW, Flag requirements, ISM/ISPS code) and keeping on track with all new developments regarding certification and training which provides us with efficient and well capable crew
  • Close cooperation with Argo Navis, our Maritime Training Institute in Manila approved by Philippine M.T.C. and B.V.Q.I., providing high level of familiarization and training new seafarers into becoming professional seamen
  • Following a strict process during the allocation of seamen to various types of vessels (based on both the vessel’s and the position’s needs, as well as the seaman’s knowledge and experience)



  1. To maintain a pool of 2000 evaluated officers and ratings with  the best possible score
  2. To always act responsibly, acknowledging that crewing represents the 30%  of a vessel’s running expenses. We try to keep expenses at bare minimum by minimizing repatriation due to sickness costs, minimizing the dispatch time of the on-signers and by constantly following procedures to make crew changes fast and effective
  3. To maintain a good communication channel between our customers and our seamen, to be present for our customers as solution providers at all times and to solve problems using our knowledge and expertise

    Our success is driven by our people and by our commitment for self-evaluation and constant improvement towards our customers and our seamen.

    Once you meet us, you will have a clear picture of the following:

    • Salary proposal for Filipino Crew with all potential crew costs
    • P.O.E.A. main terms of employment
    • I.L.O. wage rates
    • Full information on salaries scales based on different types or flags of vessels
    • Crew selection process