Training Center
It is with great honor to announce the cooperation of CMI Manila with the Argo Navis Training Center, the first Greek-managed maritime training institute in the Philippines.

Argo Navis is compliant with STCW.

As such, we provide:

  • Basic Computer 
  • MLC 2006 
  • Port State Control 
  • Anti- Piracy 
  • ISM Code 
  • SSA and Familiarization with your SMS Policy modules to ensure that your merchant vessels around the world are manned with dedicated merchant marine crew members.

Our professional maritime instructors are strongly motivated to share their experience and expertise with our Filipino seafarers, ensuring that they are always up to speed with international maritime regulations and their updates, prior to joining your vessels.

Argo Navis and our courses are in the progress of being accredited by the Philippines Maritime Training Council and BVQI ISO 9000:2000A. We are also in the progress of installing the most updated ECDIS Simulator for training purposes. Module bring scenarios of actual plotting and passage planning into the class, in order the mariner officers to achieve the best familiarization with the system as per the latest IMO regulation of SOLAS and STCW.

  • Promoting safety and excellence for seafarers, is our PURPOSE
  • Training seafarers into professional seamen, is our MOTIVATION
  • Maximizing your crew’s quality offering on board through professional and up to date courses, is our PROMISE
  • Minimizing fleet issues, deriving from poorly trained crew, is our REALITY
  • Ensuring that the seamen realize the importance of complying to safety, is our SATISFACTION.