Our main office is in Manila, with a dedicated and loyal for more than 20 years team of people led by the director of the company Capt. Stelios Stylianidis himself. Being faithful to our philosophy, our people in Manila invest a lot of their time and energy in getting to know well each one of our candidates seamen, in personal evaluation and in familiarizing with the seamen’s family situations, their needs and expectations. Our main goal is to constantly enhance our existing pool of 2000 seamen as well as the continuous training of our seamen, taking place in our B.V.Q.I. and Philippine M.T.C. approved Maritime Training Centre called Argo Navis.

Malate Crown Plaza,Mezzanine Floor,558 San Andres Street Corner Adriatico,Malate,
Manila, Philippines

Telephone: +632 727 5253/ +632 726 0529/ +632 726 5306
Fax: +632 7265306